Photo by Stephan Eastop via stock.xchng

Orange Shade offers news about beaches to people who enjoy life at the shoreline. We bring news of sand, surf and water to you from wherever it happens. It’s a great resource for keeping up on your favorite spot or perhaps discovering a new one. You might say Orange Shade is the ultimate in beach reading.

Who’s behind this?

Orange Shade’s chief blogger, Darren Hillock, is a beach lover. His love of the beach was instilled in him at an early age, when every annual summer family vacation seemingly included a beach component. Now with a wife and three children, he has infected his own family with the beach bug. “I love  reading about beaches even where I will probably never visit because you often learn something that you then see happening or coming to your favorite spots as well,” Darren said. “Since I don’t live in a classic beach location, it’s also a way for me to visit the beach more often.”

What’s with the name Orange Shade?

Explains Darren: “The name is a bit of an inside joke, I guess. One of our beach umbrellas is bright orange. We bought it because it reminded us of safety orange, like the deer hunters back home in Wisconsin wear during hunting season. When we got it put up on the beach, we noticed it gave an orange cast to everything underneath it — orange shade if you will.”